Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories enable the user to get the most out of their device

Most modern hearing aids are Bluetooth® enabled, meaning the hearing aid can wirelessly connect with other electronic devices. Cellular telephones, computers, televisions and personal music players are just a handful of devices that contain Bluetooth technology. The sound from these devices is directly broadcast from the device to the hearing aids. This enables the user to listen at a safe volume.

Oticon’s Remote Control

Remote controls can offer the user the ability to program and change the settings of their hearing aids without having to fiddle with small buttons or dials. Remotes come in a variety of sizes, most are pocket-sized or smaller. The remote is able to turn the hearing aid on and off, adjust the volume and even answer a phone call.

Phonak Roger Pen

Small, wireless microphones connect with the hearing aid and can be used in one-on-one or group conversations. These microphones can be held, placed on the table or even clipped to the clothing of the patient’s conversation partner. Speech is separated from background noise and then wirelessly sent to the hearing aid. In addition to Bluetooth accessories, other hearing aid accessories include amplified telephones and alerting systems for home invasion (alarm, doorbell, smoke detectors).